Saturday, December 11, 2010

the joys of pumping

Before having a baby I didn't really understand the whole breastfeeding thing. It's not that I thought it was gross I just didn't want to witness it. Now that I nurse my own child I realize the natural beauty of it and am amazed everyday how my body can produce the milk to nourish my baby so he thrives.

As wonderful and glorious as breastfeeding is, it's not all amazing. Now that I'm back at work, to continue breastfeeding means that I have to take on the dreaded daily dose of pumping. I know the pumping is worth it and that breastmilk is the best thing for Cole right now, but my prep time, lunch time, and recess time is consumed by the plastic tubes and suction cups. I'm waiting for the moment when one of my students needs to get into our locked classroom and they go to the office or find a custodian to unlock the door, only to find their teacher hooked up to the crazy, milking apparatus. Not sure how I'd explain that one.

Because Cole needs his daily dose of Karo syrup or prune juice to help with his pooping problems, I have to give him one bottle everyday, even on the weekends. Afterwards I unpacked my hipster messenger bag filled with the goodness and got down to business. With phone in hand I proceeded to check my email and Facebook while pumping. Amanda had sent me a link to this post...ironic that I was completely hooked up to the pumping machine at that moment, hands-free bra and all. I read through the "movie script" and laughed hysterically.

Ooohhh, I needed that.

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Mommy Shorts said...

So glad you liked my post and that I was there for you in your unsexy moment:) It's amazing the things we do for our kids, isn't it? My own mother saw me hooked up to the pump and said, "Damn. I would NEVER have done that for you!"