Sunday, December 5, 2010

Grasping at Lobsters, Fingers, and More!

Cole has been reaching for things for several weeks now, but not until recently has he been able to grasp items on his own. He's always loved wrapping his fingers around things, but he typically needed a little assistance to pry his hand open. Now you'll constantly find him with something in his grip- the edge of a blanket, a hooded sweatshirt string, his nuk, the bottle and my favorite, my finger. He absolutely loves holding your finger. You offer it to him and he'll hold on for quite a while. It really warms my heart. There is nothing better than having this little guy breastfeed and hold my hand or fall asleep with his hand wrapped around my finger.

This morning after working on some exercises I offered his plush lobster rattle. We're not really sure where this little guy came from or why Cole loves it so much, but if you put it within his reach he'll grab for it. Today he not only grabbed it and held on, he started rattling it.

Yet one more milestone I witnessed and was able to document...I feel so lucky.

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