Sunday, December 26, 2010

bigger and stronger...

Cole is almost 17 weeks's amazing to me how much bigger and stronger he is each week. Everything is new and exciting through his eyes. He gets this look on his face and will then look to Jim or I as if to ask if we too are noticing these things for the first time. It's absolutely charming.

Along with the grabbing at items, Cole's also loving to "stand" up and put some weight on his legs/feet. We sort of made the mistake of trying this because now he wants to be held like this more often than not. He also likes facing out now with his hands free so he can grab and explore. It's great to watch him hold his own toys. We just have to be careful that he doesn't throw them at his face.

The video below is of Cole wedged in his Johnny Jumper...he is really starting to love being in there. I'm glad I had my phone handy so I could capture the laughs and giggles- make sure you have the volume up on your computer.

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