Thursday, November 18, 2010

We Started PT...

Cole started physical therapy yesterday. I will admit I was very nervous to go...I wasn't sure how he'd react to Ann, his therapist, or to the exercises. She asked me to explain Cole's struggles and then she spent some time feeling his neck muscles and watching him move about. She noticed the favoring right away and mentioned that she felt the tightening in his neck muscles. He does not have a lump at all, which is a good thing. Plus she mentioned that although he is favoring one side now, it is correctable with therapy and at home exercises.

Cole was such a trooper and let us manipulate his neck this way and that. Ann taught me several stretches that we'll be doing several times each day at home. Jim and I will be going back together for session #2 next week Wednesday. I'm so glad he has off of school and is able to come since he'll be home with Cole for the next 7 weeks and I'll need him to be doing this work during the day.
Wish us luck and let's hope Cole makes great progress! The pictures below are a few of the exercises...the easy exercises! These don't bring Cole to tears...maybe I'll post a few of the tough ones once we're good at them...

Lateral Tilt Stretch- in side lying (we love using the Boppy for this)

More Midline Vision Practice...piece of cake Mom!

Practicing our Midline Vision (easiest & our favorite)

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Kaycee said...

Kate - Liam had the same issue. He favored one side, with the funky head tilt and wouldn't turn his head anyway but to the left. We did excercises with him and within a month or two he was remarkably better. He is 9 months now and no sign of a head tilt or funky flat spots on his head! Hang in there... he will probably grow to hate his excercises, but he will love you one day for it!