Friday, November 12, 2010

Time for a Routine??

Sadly my days at home are numbered, and I'll be heading back to work before you know it. I'm really going to miss the relaxing mornings with Cole sleeping on my chest, making coffee and having to reheat it 8 times because my little guy needs me for something only to find it in the microwave at 8pm that same night, bumming around town looking for something to keep us busy (yah, I know there's housework that could be done, but it's not as fun)...BUT, reality strikes, and it's back to the grindstone.

Jim will be home with Cole for about 7 weeks before he has to officially head to daycare. I'm so incredibly thankful for that because it'll be 1000% easier to leave in the morning knowing he's home with Daddy, but's not me and I'm jealous of that. To prepare for me going back to work I've started working on a routine and documenting when Cole eats and naps. I've always kept a record of his feedings, but I am hoping to get him into more of a routine with naptime now that he's that realistic? necessary? Who the hell even knows....
I've been trying to follow the acronym E.A.S.Y...

E- eat- preferably breastfeeding, although we REALLY need to work on giving Cole bottles before the end of the month

Never Wake a Sleeping Baby!

A- activity- could be time on his playmat, tummy time, reading books, BUMBO chair, swing or bouncer time, going for a walk, take a bath, snapping pictures, sing a song, any sort of interactive activity...even time to just kick and talk to Mom. Activity obviously doesn't apply in the middle of the night. If he eats at 4am, this little bugger is going right back to sleep...or else :)

S- sleep- the ever loving naptime...I will admit, quite often sleep comes right after eat and activity is pushed off, and if and when this happens I'm fine with it. I refuse to stick that closely to anything. If the boy wants to sleep, let him sleep. I'm hoping to start naptime in the crib- that hasn't really happened thus far. He'd go down in the swing, bouncer, on the floor, my arms, anywhere. In some ways that's a good thing- the boy can sleep anywhere, with any amount of noise for the most part, but I now that he's sleeping longer at night I want to transition him out of the basinette and into the crib when I go back to work. I've gotten a few nights when he'll sleep all the way through- but I'm never getting up more than once to feed him at this point so that's not so bad.

Y- you time- once Cole is sleeping it's Mom time! I try to frantically get things done for me. Most often I only have time to wash my face, put some make-up on, and get dressed, but today I did two loads of wash, washed bottles, dusted upstairs and down, and started this blog post while Cole was napping. That's pretty good. Sometimes I feel like Jim doesn't think I do much around here all day, except watch TV, but in reality it's hard to get things done when you're constantly interrupted...and the idea of "sleep when the baby sleeps..." funny. That NEVER happened for me, except when he slept at night.

I'm hoping Jim will keep this up while I'm gone so that getting him into a routine for daycare is easier. He'll have a lot more fun at activity time because Cole will be getting older and he'll be able to do more with him. I wish I was going to be home to do fun crafts with him...I can't see Jim dunking his feet in paint to make turkey feathers- next week's craft before Thanksgiving :o)

So, if you have opinions on routines for 2 months old, and how realistic or unrealistic that is, I'd love to hear it.

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