Monday, November 15, 2010

Please Poop....

Never in my mind did I ever think I would wish poop upon my son...I know it's common for babies to go several days, even up to a week without pooping, but it just doesn't seem comfortable. Cole's pooping schedule has changed...he had a big blow out Thursday then didn't go until Saturday evening. It's now Monday and he hasnt pooped since Saturday. I wouldn't care, but the boy just doesn't seem comfortable. At times he can be his jolly self, but then he fidget and wiggle trying to get something going.

I keep putting deadlines on his BMs. "If he doesn't poop by __ I'll call Pikna. Well today's deadline is tomorrow afternoon. No poo by then we'll give the doc a call. Oh the joys of watching for poop and listening fir farts.

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