Friday, November 12, 2010

Play Date at Katie's!

Jessie and I met Katie at our breastfeeding support group. Creatures of habit, we sit in the same place each week and we naturally got to talking to the ladies around us. Katie has a 4 month old named Blake. He is absolutely darling...Although we see her each week at the group, she invited Jess and I over for a playdate/mommy time! It's so nice to do these things- especially when the ladies have kids and understand the crying, fussing, and feeding aspects of having a baby.

Cole, Cael, and Blake had a lot of fun kicking their legs and exploring the new toys around them. I realized that I need to buy Cole a few more toys that have lights and noise makers. He was really into this LeapFrog drum that lit up and read the letters of the alphabet when he hit the top. I had to help him hit the top, but each time we did it, you could see the excitement in his eyes.

Cole & Cael talking about their moms!

Cole's new friend Blake with his Octopus!

Cole trying out the vibrating bouncer!
I only have a few more weeks off, but hopefully we can make this happen again before I head back to work...unfortunately Cole won't have much interaction with other kids once I am back to school. Hopefully he gets all the play time in the world with Daddy!

Best Buds holding hands!

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