Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mom, Why the Wedgie?

Jen gave me a sleep positioner at one of my showers. I had seen them before, even registered for one, but apparently when push came to shove I didn't really know how to use it. I was talking to Jen on the phone and explaining Cole's issue with his flattening of the head and favoring one side. She asked why I wasn't using the sleep positioner. I explained to her that I was, and she went on to wonder why Cole favors one side if I'm switching him with the positioner each night.

I was confused, unsure what she was talking about. If you haven't seen a sleep positioner- it's basically two wedges that snuggle in on each side of the baby. Well, I layed in his basinette and put him in between. I didn't realize you were supposed to wedge it under his body a bit and then switch sides each night so he doesn't start favoring. Who knew? Someone could have told me...

Well, we're now using the wedgie correctly. Last night I put Cole down for a nap in his pack and play and I rolled a towel to wedge underneath (another option). Jim was chuckling because when he peeked in Cole was grunting and throwing himself towards the towel to get it to move. He was successful and then finally fell asleep. I wasn't as kind at bedtime. He really can't budge the wedgie so he's stuck with it. He doesn't love it and he keeps looking at me..."Mom, why the wedgie?"

I'm about to head out to dinner with some girlfriends and Cole has been in his crib napping for about 45 minutes. He doesn't have the wedgie, but I did roll up a burp cloth. Anything to keep him off of the flat spot. Hopefully he'll get used to it and it won't bother him too much.

Poor guy.

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JLS said...

Oh good. I hope that helps baby Cole. I forgot, we used to use the thin cotton flannel receiving blankets all rolled up too. We never did it with EE, only N. I'll be sobbing my eyes out when EE doesn't need the thin blankies anymore. Baby getting too big. Cole looks SUPER uper cute on the 10 week rock star pic. (esp I mean since he's always cute).