Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mason Has Skills...

Aimee's little guy Mason has some serious skills. A few weeks ago he came over with Aimee and was talking to Jim about the Brewers players and the Bucks roster. He had gone to a preseason night at the Bradley Center and was given a picture with all of the players. Within a week he had recognized their faces and knew all of their names...this little guy is 3 years old and unable to read. He is incredible. Not only does he know these players names, he's incredibly knowledgeable about the game and players themselves...

Now he's becoming famous! He's all over Twitter and he's getting quite the publicity from sports people out there...Brandon Jennings had his video as his Facebook status and Andrew Bogut and the NBA are tweeting about him! Way to go Mason!!

JSOnline- Young Bucks Fan
A Shout Out from Yahoo Sports!

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