Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hard To Say Goodbye

It's Wednesday! You know what that means...Cole and I go to the breastfeeding group. Sadly, today was our last visit (although we do promise to come back and visit over winter and spring break). Cole, Cael, and Blake spent a few hours together and the Mommys chit-chatted. Megan, Jim's cousin, has been coming the last few weeks so she was there too.

I have absolutely loved going to this group. I never would have guessed it'd become such an integral part of our week. Cole and I have been attending since he was two weeks old. I've found great comfort in the lactation specialists, and I've met some great moms. I really hope Katie keeps in touch. She is such a great woman and I've enjoyed getting to know her better. I have to be sure to make an effort to call her and get together. It's also been really nice to be able to weigh Cole each week. It's reassuring knowing his weight continues to climb.

On this Thanksgiving Eve I need to be thankful for this outlet for me throughout my maternity leave. I've learned a lot going to this weekly support group. Today was a fun day at group. The boys hung out together...until Cael had a HUGE blowout. He had poop up his back and even on the back of his arms. His mom was just thankful...he hadn't pooped in a few days.


JLS said...

Poop blowouts are bad enough at home but in public?! Yeesh. Breastfed babies sometimes won't poop for days. Still normal. Noah had a massive poop blowout on an airplane (in flight) to Asheville ON Dad.

JLS said...

Them babies are cute and how!