Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cole needs PT

For the last few weeks I've noticed that Cole favors one side of his neck- when he sleeps he always lays on one side of his head and when we work on sitting up his head is always tilted to one way. At first I wasn't concerned, but as the weeks went by I thought I should mention it to the pediatrician.

At Cole's two month check-up I talked to Dr. Pikna about it. He didn't think Cole officially had torticollis, but he definitely saw the favoring and recommended he start physical therapy. Deep inside I wasn't surprised, but I left the office a little disheartened...Cole is my perfect little boy.

At home I work on strengthening and stretching the muscles in Cole's neck. I help him turn when he's sitting in his bouncer or laying on the floor. We do a lot of tummy time and time in his Bumbo chair. All in hopes of building the muscles. Dr. Pikna said he has a very strong neck, he just doesn't like to turn it from side to side. He does have a slight flattening on the one side of his head, but it's only noticeable when you look at him from the top of his head. Of course, I notice it...I'm anxious to hear what Ann, the physical therapist, says.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous, even a bit scared for what she'll say or have us do. I know Cole isn't going to love the stretches and exercises and I anticipate a lot of tears. I'm hoping that the therapist feels it's a mild case that is easily correctable with a few in office sessions and an at home routine. Our first therapy appointment is next Wednesday...stay tuned for more details.

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