Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Brody's Quick Visit

Uncle Matt stopped over with Brody this evening. It was nice to see them. I can hardly believe Brody is 

going to be one year old this weekend. I remember seeing Val last Thanksgiving...she was ooberly pregnant. Little did we know she'd deliver our darling Brody the Brute the very next day. Stay tuned for birthday pictures later this weekend...Brody's first birthday party is Saturday. 

For now, enjoy a few pictures of his quick visit. He's getting so big already, and he has quite the personality.

Brody: "Hmmm....who is this kid?"
Cole: "La, la, la...Do, do, do..."

Brody: "Hey, little you see me over here?"
Cole: "Can't you see I'm a little busy. I'm checking out my cool hanging toys."
 Brody: "Toys?!?? I want to play with your toys!"
Cole: "Ahh Pop, I know he's my cousin, but could someone help me out over here?"
Pop: "Get used to it Cole...Brody's bigger than you."

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