Thursday, October 28, 2010

Week 7 Already...

Week 7
10lbs. 4.7oz.

Dear Cole-

I can hardly believe you're seven weeks old already. I have been spending the morning organizing all of your pictures on Flickr, and I am already forgetting how tiny you were when we brought you home. I get very emotional when I start to think about how quickly you're growing. I remember when you and I were home together for the first time alone and I was holding you, wishing you were a little bit bigger. Little did I know that I'd have a hard time remembering you ever being that small in such a short amount of time.

Your Pop and I are amazed how much you're changing right before our eyes. More and more of your personality shines through each week and we love getting to know you better. You have these beautiful blue eyes that stare at us and all that is around you. You've been so alert, even since birth. You were minutes old and the nurses handed you over to me and when I looked down at you, you were gazing up at me. I'm sure you couldn't see me or focus very well, but you definitely followed my voice. You were no different with your dad either. The first time he held you we took a great picture of you looking up at him. It's definitely a keeper. You have the most perfect head and beautiful skin. We've been so lucky that you didn't get craddle cap or even that yucky baby acne. You do have a clogged tear duct, but it gets better each day and we keep the eye boogers cleared up pretty well. I may be a bit biased, but you are one handsome baby. Everybody says so :o)

You haven't entirely acknowledged the dogs yet, but you hear them barking non-stop everyday. Their noise doesn't tend to bother you as much as it drives me crazy. You can sleep through it most days, but every once in a while it catches you off guard and you get this really nervous look on your face. You rest on Willie's belly every so often in the morning before we get out of bed. Willie loves when you rest your head on his tummy and you love to feel his fur on your hands.

We have been very fortunate with your sleep so far. You fight sleep during the day, and you don't love going down for naps unless we're moving in a stroller or in the car. I'm thrilled if I can get 30-40 minutes out of you. If I plan on getting anything done during the day, Grandma Jeanne comes over so she can rock you or play with you when you wake up. If she's not available you will hang out in the carrier and let me get some cleaning done. I can't complain too much because you're a really good sleeper at night. Don't get me wrong, I'd love if you started sleeping 6+ hours at a crack, but I'll take 4. I typically only have to get up one or two times during the night to feed you. You usually go to bed around 9pm and then you're up to eat at around 1am. You go right back to sleep, usually, and then you're hungry again around 4 or 5am. Since I'm not working we both snuggle back in bed and we like to stay there until 8:30am or so. Most days you're good about this, but every once in a while you want nothing to do with going back in the basinette. You have not ventured to your crib yet, but that will come soon. You've been sleeping in Mom and Dad's room in a basinette next to the bed.

Within the last few days you've discovered your fist and you continously try to put it in your mouth. We're not sure how we feel about this because we don't want you to be a thumb sucker, but you get really frustrated if we pull it away from your mouth. Sometimes you can be won over by your nuk, but most of the time you just want to look at and explore that beautful fist. You've been smiling and cooing a lot more too. The oooohs and aaahhhs that come from your mouth are adorable. Sometimes you give us this low pitched moan that sounds like you're really pissed off. You don't cry when you do it, it's just a short moan followed by a look...only you know what you're really saying, but we've had some great conversations already and I look forward to all the things we'll share together in the years to come.

I promise not to talk about this when you're older, but you are one incredibly gaseous can put your father and I to shame with your farts. You can really let 'em rip and typically they're accompanied with an extremely full diaper. You better not give me any grief when you're older about being gassy because your farts are so loud they make us laugh out loud. You even farted during yoga class this past week. You'll learn that's a big no-no. Within minutes of filling your pants, you let us know you're dirty and we have seconds to get you upstairs to your changing table to clean you up. You usually scream until the diaper is off and your adorable little bottom is exposed to fresh air. Once that happens, you're as happy as a clam. You love being naked and "riding your bicycle" on your changer. If it were safe I'd leave you there for hours. If you're really upset I know I can take you there and it usually puts a smile on your face. Many of those smiling faces have led to you pooping or peeing in my face, literally. I've been sprayed on more than one occasion.

Bath time is another fun time in your life... as long as you're in a good mood when we put you in the tub you stay smiley. You do a lot of kicking and splashing around. You have some powerful legs and like to push yourself off of the front of the baby tub. You rarely turn down a few bubbles, and you don't even mind if we pour water over your head. You smell like a sweet little baby afterwards, and I love wrapping you up in something soft and snuggling with your sweet smelling self. Your cousin Michelle gave you a cute little robe that makes you look like a little old man.
We've had a busy seven weeks, that's for sure. You're such a trooper when it comes to going on adventures. You never turn down a car ride and no matter where we are (okay, except Sendik's) you're typically on your best behavior. You save the crying and fussing for when we get home. Whether it's Mommy and Me Yoga or a trip to Target you jump right in your carseat and love to be on the go. Now, if we have to stop at a stop sign along the way, you don't love that very much. It's like you can hesitate when the car is about to stop and you instantly start crying. Dad and I are often amazed that you can be sound asleep and when the car stops, you start squealing.

We sent out your birth announcements this week. They turned out super cute. I'm sure you're hanging on the houses of over 100 different people this week. We can't be offended though if it ends up in the garbage in a month or two. Last night I went out with some of my girlfriends and you spent the entire night with your Dad. I was a lot more nervous about it than either one of you. You cried for a bit and gave Dad a run for his money...thank you for doing that. He got a little taste of what I deal with every day :) You guzzled down your milk and took a bottle like a champion. Thanks for that...especially since you came right back to me in the middle of the night looking for more milk. I would be devastated if you were ready to give up breastfeeding already.

Although it exhausts me and comsumes most of my days, there is nothing better than snuggling with you while you least when you're eating peacefully. You can be a bit squawky sometimes when you eat, especially if you've had enough or you're ready to switch sides. You make it loud and clear you're done or you're ready for mistake about that. But usually you look up at me with the most sincere look, as if to say thank you. As our time together ends, you nod off to dreamland and I sit with you and rock you for a just a few more minutes before putting you down for a nap or bedtime. I cherish those moments, good or bad, because before I know it you'll be eating from a bottle full time and we won't have that one on one time anymore.
I continue to take hundreds of pictures of's a little obnoxious, but I can't help myself. You're such an adorable little guy. Plus you have the cutest clothes and I feel like I need to take as many pictures of you as I can since I'll be heading back to work in one short month and then I won't be around to take so many. I'm sure Dad will take pictures, but probably not as many as Mom. Speaking of work, I am NOT looking forward to going back and leaving you. I know you'll be in good hands with Dad until the end of January, but it makes me sad that I'll miss all that you're doing throughout the day. Each day is a new adventure for us and I get sentimental when I think of what I'll miss when you're at daycare.
Here are a few pictures of you at week 7...yes, another Halloween outfit- wait until you see yourself in your costumes...yes have three. What can I say? And we think the other outfit looks like something your Uncle Chris would wear...we love it! You're too damn cute small fry!

Love, Mom

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Stefanie said...

What a sweet, sweet letter Kate! I write my boys letters for each of their 'milestone' dates that I slip into their baby box -- I publish a few of the more memoreable ones on my blog too. You will be SO glad you did later when he's older because this 'snap shot in time' is so much more thorough than what you write in the baby book -- and it will really help you remember where you are at if/when you have a #2 and you wonder if you are going crazy again! :)

You are a wonderful momma, and Cole is lucky that he picked you!!