Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tummy Time

At our last doctor's appointment I asked Dr. Pikna about tummy time. He said it wasn't too early to start so here we are on our belly. I'm not entirely sure what to expect from a 3 week old baby, but I guess he can just get used to being on his tummy. When Cole is on the floor he really doesn't do a whole lot of pushing, but if I lay him on my chest he'll struggle to lift to his neck from side to side and try to look up at me when I talk to him. We'll keep working on it and hopefully in the near future tummy time will become a little more exciting. Now I feel like he just falls asleep.

By the way, the quilt you see in the pictures below was a gift from one of the wrestling parents Jim worked with over the past few years. Her husband helped and supported Jim's wrestling team and her sons were on Jim's team. She made the quilt out of her sons' old baby blankets and denim jeans. Sooo thoughtful!

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