Friday, October 29, 2010


Cole had his first trick-or-treat outing this evening in Muskego. The Reedy's invited us over for their neighborhood trick or treating. Cole got bundled up in his crab outfit and slept his way through the entire event...thankfully. It was a little chilly, but only his hands were cold and he didn't seem bothered by it. It's a good thing Halloween came when it did because Cole's outgrowing his costume already. He barely squeezed his arms into his crab claws. I promised Cole he'd only have to wear it one more time this weekend so I can get a few more pictures of him in it. We need a cute photo for the baby book.
Jim and I are already looking forward to next year when he's waddling his way up to the doors to say "trick-or-treat"!

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Amy J. said...

Very cute! I love the Deadliest Catch connection. :)