Monday, October 4, 2010

Perfect Fall Weather...

I am so fortunate to have my maternity leave in the fall. I will admit, it's the best timing in regards to would have been nice to spend some time getting to know my class before hightailing it out of school, but regardless, fall is my favorite season and I love being home. We have had THE MOST PERFECT fall weather. It's gotten cool in the evenings, but the afternoons have been filled with warmth from the sunshine. That's allowed Cole and I to go for walks and enjoy time outside of the home. I love our quiet mornings when we snuggle, read, and sip coffee (still decaf...I don't have the guts to introduce caffeine into Cole's world), but by the afternoon before Jim comes home I'm ready to get out.

I'm hoping this weather continues throughout the month so we can make our way to the pumpkin farm without it being super cold. Jim and I make our annual trip over Teacher's Convention and then we take time to carve and roast pumpkin seeds. Jim is overly excited to go trick or treating this year. Mind you, Cole will not even be two months old, but he's going and Jim is anxious for the candy.
Fall is such a great time of year. I love the colors, the smells, the home decor, the pumpkin and apple pies, the cooler temperatures, college football and Packer games, snuggly hats and's perfect! The only thing that would make this fall better is if Jim was off with Cole and I so we could be enjoying our days together. I will say though, as much as I wish he was home with us now, I am glad Jim's taking his leave after Thanksgiving when I have to go back to work. It'll give me peace of mind to know that when I drive away on November 29th, Cole is snuggly at home with his Pop for a few weeks before having to go off to daycare.

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