Sunday, October 17, 2010

Packer Sunday

After last night's big Badger win against #1 ranked Ohio State, we were looking forward to today's Packer game against the Dolphins. Cole put on his Packer sweatshirt for the occassion and even napped throughout the game just like his mom. We were both a little disappointed when we woke up during the 4th quarter to realize we were going to lose.

Either way, it was still a lazy Sunday filled with snuggling. Cole spent most of the game in my lap and/or sleeping on my chest- nothing better! Without question we had to use the game as a photo opportunity...this kid has more pictures taken of him than anyone I know.

Willie says I need to mention that Cole was wearing a super cute onesie underneath his Packer sweatshirt. Him and Lexa told me I had to take off his sweatshirt and get a picture of the onesie too...anything to please Willie dog!

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