Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I'm getting sooo big!

I am 4 weeks old today and I am getting so big! My mom can't believe how much I've changed. My personality is definitely starting to shine through and my mom says I'm stubborn, just like my dad (my dad says I'm stubborn, just like my mom). I've been giving my mom a little bit of grief during feeding time, but I keep reminding her that I'm a healthy boy and that I need to let my voice be heard. Sometimes I think she loses her patience with my chatter and she knows how my dad feels!

Mom and I are meeting Jessie and Cael at the breastfeeding support group again today- it seems to be our Wednesday ritual. Not sure why my mom likes sitting around with a bunch of women that all have their boobs hanging out. I like when we all start crying- it's like a symphony of babies! Every week I get weighed-hopefully it's still on the up and up or my mom is going to freak out. For her sake and mine, I hope I've continued to put on weight otherwise she's going to have one more thing to stress about and we're trying not to do that to her.
After the group mom said we're going to her favorite yarn store, Loop. Only if I'm being a good boy though. She needs help with my Hoot Hat- I think she's just going to show me off, although there was a bit of swearing yesterday afternoon because she couldn't figure out the pattern...Boy, and she says I'm stubborn and squawk a lot. Looks who's talking lady!
UPDATE...My mom went to that silly group today and she got to weigh me. I weighed in at 8lbs. 9.6oz.

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