Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cole and His Dogs...

I will admit, I was a little nervous to bring Cole home to Willie and Lexa. Not because our dogs are not good with kids, but because I didn't want the dogs to feel like they're not important to us anymore. Willie and Lexa are wonderful around children- they always have been. Willie likes to stay close by and protect and Lexa likes to play and lick. She's been nicknamed Lexa-Licks-a-Lot by my nephew Eric.

The first few days we were home from the hospital, Willie didn't really know what to think. He didn't avoid me exactly, but he just sort of ignored me. He'd sit down with his back to me, not make eye contact, but he never denied a scratch or a rub of the belly. Within a week he seemed to be back to his old self again. Lexa didn't really have an adjustment period. She was fine with Cole from the get-go. We're actually surprised that she doesn't lick him more. She'll sneak in to his space and give his hand a quick lick, but nothing out of control.

I have been lucky that it's nice outside over my leave because the dogs can be outside throughout the day, giving Cole tummy and back time on the floor with the dogs hovering. They're getting better at staying off of his mat, but sometimes it's just easier if they're outside or in another room.

Even with Cole home with Jim and I, I love my dogs more than most people. They are the kindest, most wonderful creatures on earth. Even though my days are filled with holding Cole, feeding Cole, changing Cole, walking and talking to Cole...when bedtime comes Willie and Lexa know that they get to go down to snuggle town and Cole has to stay in his bassinette. Willie will snuggle right in between Jim and I and Lexa will usually curl up at the end of the bed, waiting patiently until Willie gets too hot and she can take his place.

Although my patience wears thin with their barking sometimes, I can't imagine not having Lexa and Willie home with Cole. He doesn't realize it yet, but Cole is one lucky boy to grow up with two amazing dogs...they are both so gentle with him and I am excited for the dogs to be Cole's best friend- after Mom, of course :)

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Amanda said...

This is the CUTEST picture. Love that Big Will...and little Cole, of course. What good friends!!