Thursday, September 23, 2010

I'm Two Weeks Old

Brad came today on Cole's two week birthday to take newborn pictures...of course, we were somewhat hoping for a sleeping baby, but this little man had other thoughts. He was wide awake and shitting like a machine. He pooped in his diaper twice while we were getting things going and then as we were posing him in a bowl with a blanket he pooed again. Not sure why we had taken the diaper off, probably so we could get some naked shots of him, but either way we had a runny, poo in a beautiful blue blanket.

All in all, Cole was a trooper and we got a few really great shots. Brad is coming back today to take a few more...I'll post the images as I receive them.

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Amanda said...

Um, LOVE LOVE LOVE these. He is so precious. And Brad has quite an eye! Thanks for sharing!