Thursday, September 23, 2010

Breastfeeding Support Group

Yesterday Jess and I packed up the boys and headed to a breastfeeding support group at Waukesha Memorial Hospital. One of the lactation specialists had told me about it when I was in the hospital and encouraged me to go. I'm really glad I was nice to be in a room surrounded by new moms all dealing with some of the same issues I'm having/feeling.

I have been lucky, I must say...Cole is eating, sleeping relatively well, and gaining weight. He isn't too fussy (most of the time) and I'm blessed to have Jim around to support me. There were about 15 women at the group and it was very informal. Linda, the lactation specialist I had met in the hospital, was there and she went around to each of us and asked if we had questions. She remembered us from only a few weeks prior and I talked to her about Cole's eating patterns and some of his feeding habits.

As I left I realized that as of right now I'm pretty fortunate. There were women there that were really struggling with breastfeeding and latching on. Their children were losing weight instead of gaining, and so on...I gave Cole a squeeze and thanked him for being such a good boy.

I definitely think Jess and I will head back in the next few weeks...the women were very nice and willing to open up and share their experiences. I feel like if I continue to go on Wednesdays that if problems do arise with Cole and I I'll have support and a place to have my questions answered.

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