Friday, September 10, 2010

...and then there were 3!

The last two days have been an absolute whirlwind of activity...I thought for sure I would have taken time to get on the internet over the last two days and update my blog throughout the day to share with the world all that was going on, but then I was blessed with this bundle of Cole and my eyes never stopped spinning.

Now that I took a minute to reread my last post, I guess I should start back at that moment...while I can still remember that moment. Women say you quickly forget labor and delivery- the obviously natural way of promoting procreation, I would imagine.

Once my nurse upped my Pitocin, I remember the pain getting a bit higher. Again, nothing I couldn't tolerate, but I mentioned to Jim that those contractions at home would have had me worried...After a few hours though they checked my cervix and I was still only 1.5cm dilated. I bit disappointing since I had thought/hoped I'd be closer to three. She upped me again and then the fun began....Mary, my nurse, had mentioned one goal for me throughout our conversations of Bayview food options and the South Shore Park Farmers Market- to wipe the smile off of my face and then put it back on with a new baby boy. It didn't long for that smile to be gone...for several hours.

Jim and I walked the halls and he tried to keep me calm as my contractions started getting stronger and more painful. At moments I probably could have handled the contractions, but I had little time in between to recover and that made things exhausting. 45 minutes had passed and the nurse came back in. She could see I was visibly in pain and asked how I was...I was trying to find a comfortable position. Walking, rocking, leaning over Jim, anything to help the pain subside a one point Jim I had hit a point when I was biting his shoulder. I had asked for a large exercise ball at that point, hoping I could set it on the bed and lean over it. Anything to relax in between contractions.

Even with all of that, I was VERY hesistant to be checked again because I had only moved a 1/2 cm in 3+ hours so I wasn't ready for her to check me and say you're barely at 2cm. She checked me and I had jumped from 1.5cm to 5cm in about 45 minutes...let me tell you, I felt every one of those centimeters. Sandi, my nurse, said she'd gladly get me a ball...or an epidural. I voted for the epidural! Within minutes the doctor was here to administer the epidural...the worse part about it, was having contractions during the process and having to lay perfectly still so he could insert a large needle into my back. Laying on my side, waiting for it to kick in wasn't a whole lot better, and at the moment it felt like forever, but it wasn't too long and my legs were getting warm and I was in a better place. Dr. Sternitzky new the epidural was in place and was on call, waiting to deliver.

At about 6:30pm, with the epidural and Pitocin in place, Sandi decided to check me again. I had again jumped from 5cm to 9cm pretty quickly. She frantically called Dr. Sternitzky and commented to me that it wouldn't be long now. By 7:10pm I was ready to start pushing...I asked Sandi to take a poll and guess what time Cole would be born. She thought by 7:30pm and I was in shock...that quick? I didn't know what to expect. The women in my room, doctors and nurses, moved quickly to get everything in order. It was crazy to watch them move in rhythm. I liked that I was coherent enough to carry on a conversation with them inbetween contractions.

Dr. Sternitzky walked through the door and I was just about ready to start pushing...I'll spare you all the gory details about the delivery, but I will say that labor was way worse than the actual delivery. With the epidural I could at least relax in between contractions and regain some of the energy I'd need to push. At 10cm it was time to get the baby moving...I was coherent throughout the delivery and was able to tell the doctor and nurses when another contraction was starting. All was going great until Dr. Sternitzy got called out of my room to deliver a different baby...yes, I was bumped yet one more time. I had to give her grief by screaming at her while she was running, literally, down the hallway. Apparently a woman down the hallway had come in and went from 3cm to 10cm in about 5 minutes...I was nervous that the resident would deliver my baby, but Dr. Sternitzky popped her head back in and said, "no pushing...breathe through them. You can do this. I'll be back in no time" She was right, I breathed through 3 contractions and it was actually a good thing because it gave me time to feel where I needed to bear down and push. Within minutes the doctor was back in my room, changed scrubs, and I could continue pushing.

At 8:10pm, on September 8, 2010, I delivered a beautiful baby boy named Cole. The doctor told me in between contractions that if the baby came out squaking I'd be able to hold him immediately, otherwise he'd have to go to the table to be suctioned. After delivery, I heard his cries and saw his blue feet and hands. Before I new it, he was laying on my chest and I was staring up in wonderment...this was my son. Jim cut the umbilical cord and then carried him over to get checked out. They took his vitals...(6 lbs. 4oz, 20.5 inches long) and got his Apgar scores (8 and 9.5), then they swaddled him up and brought him back over to me so I could nurse him. Cole was so very alert and had his eyes open from the very beginning. I passed him to Jim, who was sitting in a chair next to me, and Cole immediately looked up at his Dad when he started heart melted.

Because of all the commotion I'm finishing this post several days after Cole's much as I would have loved to post immediately, I had way more important things to take care of. Regardless, I fell in love last Wednesday, September 8, 2010...fell in love with a beautiful boy named Cole!

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